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Who We Are

Advancing Excellence

Advancing Excellence

Kansas City Kansas School Foundation for Excellence is committed to providing the very best resources available to advance educational excellence for Kansas City, Kansas schools and to ensure our students and teachers are fully valued and supported.

The Foundation currently offers numerous scholarship opportunities to high school seniors who attend the five area high schools In USD 500. While the Foundation’s last two decades of service have been productive—our goal is to continue to help fund programs that supports the Kansas City Kansas School District’s objectives for:

Academic Achievement
Improving student performance in short- and long-term goals. An increase in student achievement can include report card grades/GPAs, assessment results (including ACT/ SAT), graduation and attendance rates, etc.

Building Human Capital
Improving the performance level of all district employees, the growth and overall productivity of the KCKPS organization, and how we invest in people.

Social and Emotional Support
Improving ways to support students with managing their emotions, making daily decisions, and promoting positive relationships with peers and educators.

Equity and Inclusion
Improving a culture of belonging to all student groups and district employees. We will be strategic about ways to increase learning opportunities, access, and fairness for all.

At every level, the promise to support performance is on track and on time for success as: 

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

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